restorative Dentistry

As the name suggests, restorative dentistry is undertaken to rebuild broken or problematic teeth. The treatment is necessary as opposed to elective. However, it is no less important that the result be cosmetically natural.

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“I just switched dentists and am super happy with Dr. Diamond and his staff.”



Why continue to walk around with an empty space in your mouth? Implants have become the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth. They can be used to replace individual or multiple teeth. Made from biocompatible  titanium, implants integrate into the patients body and can be used to solve a wide variety of dental problems.


First, we gather information such as medical history, dental history, any necessary X-rays, and a series of photographs. Then, we perform a clinical exam of both the teeth and the gums. This information is organized in conjunction with the patient’s Chief Complaint, as well as the patient’s goals and desires for dental health and cosmetic results.

Desires (and/or solutions to problems) are then prioritized and discussed to make sure that no treatment is begun until the patient both fully understands the treatment, and wants it. Often, there is more than one way to approach a dental problem.


One of the simplest yet most effective treatments we have to offer. Much of the damage done to teeth is the result of clenching or grinding, predominately while sleeping. In addition to harming teeth, this habit can also cause jaw pain, better known as TMJ.

A night guard is a simple appliance that cannot entirely interrupt the brain’s signal to grind, but it can at least prevent damage to your teeth — as well as reduce the strain on your jaw muscles if you continue to clench or grind.

If you're experiencing chipped or worn tooth edges, facial pain, or clicking jaw sounds, then a nightguard may be a good solution for you.


When rebuilding teeth, we have many options — depending on the situation.

can be used to solve small dental problems. VENEERS can strengthen teeth while yielding a beautiful cosmetic result. CROWNS are used for severely broken down teeth, whereas an ONLAY can be used to retain a portion of healthy tooth structure, while strengthening the overall result.

Our strategy when choosing is to evaluate the specific situation at hand to provide the most conservative treatment available that yields the best longterm prognosis.

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restorative dentistry testimonials


Here's how much I love Dr. Diamond and his entire office — we moved from New York to Pennsylvania, and I still schlepp into the city to see him, Anastasia (my hygienist), and Rosary (who runs the front). They are excellent at what they do and they really care about their patients.

Patient since 1999

This was my first trip to the dentist in a very long while and I had a very positive experience. I had prepared myself for the worst as I had ignored a problem for years, but there was no shaming —and the solution was very manageable. The cost seemed reasonable. The staff was friendly. The procedure was explained well. All in all... a good experience and a practice that I would recommend.

don b.
Patient since 2016

Dr. Diamond and his staff provide the world's best dental care with a sense of intelligence and kindness. I came to this office nearly 30 years ago, terrified of the dentist — and since then have become a zealot of good dental care. Only because of Dr. Diamond and his crew.

Patient since 1991
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